It is estimated that there are in excess of 7 million deaths a year due to air pollution.  With  the need to also combat the spread of airborne pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, especially in the air we breath at home, work, school and in healthcare environments, air purification has never been so needed as today.

At Zonitise we have developed a revolutionary range of air purifiers, including portable and larger units to meet all indoor space requirements.  Combining the best Hepa filtration with Zonitise antimicrobial technology, our air purifiers not only filter the bad stuff out of the air but they can also eliminate harmful pathogens too.

Simple and easy to use, with minimal user training required – You can breathe easy again when you use Zonitise Air Purifiers.

zonitise air purifier hospital

ZEOS – For Medium Sized Rooms.

This unique air purifier comes with a built-in air pollution monitor and automatic operating function. With a Top CADR rating as certified by AHAM, this unit will provide 5 air changes per hour in room sizes of 400 Sq Ft, making it perfect for classrooms and medium sized offices. 

Convenient Design: Anyone can move with the smooth action casters. Weighs a light 14kg with a size of 530x670x360mm. 

Quiet but super efficient: Operating at less than 54.3 dB (even in max mode). Hyper power saving uses invertor motor with High efficiency and Low noise. 

Zonitise Antimicrobial Coated Hepa 13 Filtration. Our revolutionary antimicrobial technology eliminates airborne pathogens trapped in the Hepa filter.

Optional Scent Diffusion Diffuse your favorite scent throughout your zones

Kind to the Environment  The ZEOS is made from materials and parts which confirm with the ROHS ( 

LUXAIR – For Large Indoor Spaces up to 2700m2!

These Statement Air purifiers are made in Europe and are perfect for large indoor spaces such as airports/railway stations/entrance foyers.  Highly effective with a range of 50m from the machine, the large LCD display shows real time air quality, and can display maps and advertisements to further give return on investment.  There are 3 Size options for these machines from 500m2 capacity to 2700m2! 

HEPA 13 Absolute Filter to EN1822 standard with Zonitise Antimicrobial Disinfection or  alternatively we have the option to provide UV-C lamp disinfection certified to ISO15858

Laboratory certified efficacy to eliminate Sars Cov 2

Customisable Colours to suit your brand

2 Year Warranty

Air Flow of up to 420,000 Cubic Ft per hour with Air outlets ranges to 150 Ft! 

Noise at 1m is less than 65Db.

180 Degree Multi Directional Nozzles to provide flexibility for air flow direction.

About Zonitise

A global service company with local business values

Zonitise is a leading biotech company with a mission to reduce the risk of cross contamination and help people keep healthy.

Our approach is a 360 degree solution to combat the transmission of germs in the air, on surfaces and from skin to skin. We use safe and scientifically proven, patented antimicrobial technology and air purification systems for every type of indoor environment and every sector of society.

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